What comes with your student let?

Going to university in a new city like Southampton is an exciting adventure, with loads of new people to meet and new experiences to discover, but you’ll have to find somewhere to live. If it’s your first time renting long-term accommodation, you may be wondering what to pack and what you need to buy when you get there, specifically what comes with your student let.

Don’t Worry About What Comes With Your Student Let

You may have visions of turning up to a bare, empty flat, with no facilities and being confined to one room when you are home and with a landlord you can never get hold of, should you have any problems with your student room or flat. When you rent through Homelife Lettings our friendly team are available to take your call and you will not need to deal with a middle man.

Don’t let fears and apprehensions about your property put you off leaving home and going to university. Homelife Lettings will help you find the best property for your budget in the right location and with the basic essentials, unless you want an empty flat, which we can also supply.

Homelife Lettings has been in the business of renting properties in Southampton for over 40 years, and as members of the Southern Landlords Association we’re dedicated to providing extremely high standards of customer service.

What’s Included In Your Student Let

When renting a student room through us you will be able to share quality time with friends and flatmates in the communal lounge and garden, so you will not be confined to one room.

Your deposit is protected through the government appointed MyDeposits.co.uk, which ensures both landlords and students are treated fairly with regards to deposits and our special maintenance team, on call 24 hours a day for emergencies and during office hours to fix more routine maintenance issues, means you do not have to worry about a leaky tap!

With Homelife Lettings, your student room comes with at least five pieces of furniture and a private washbasin. We will ensure you have a bed to sleep in at night, a wardrobe to store your clothes, a desk and chair to study at and a chest of drawers to keep everyday necessities safe. Sometimes your room may even come with useful items left there by previous tenants, such as a coffee table or bookcase. However, the maintenance team are not responsible for fixing or replacing such additional items if they get broken.

‘A pre-inspection is carried out to ensure you are aware of the problems that need to be rectified prior to leaving the property in order to obtain a full deposit refund.


We’ve Got Your Perfect Property
To find out more about what comes with your student let please call our friendly team on 023 8058 6838.