Start looking as early as possible for accommodation whilst you are at university so you get the biggest and best choice of student lettings available. By using Homelife Lettings to help you locate to your new home you will also be helped to find your way around the different student locations in Southampton.

A Wide Range of Student Lettings Available

A Wide Range of Student Lettings Available

Select a student room in a shared house, a studio flat or a different housing option from our extensive range at Homelife Lettings. Starting a new, exciting life at university becomes much easier if you have the right home whilst you study and use it as a base to meet new friends. Living in the right location will make the logistics of meeting up with friends or getting to the campus much easier and possibly cheaper, with reduced transport costs – and 50% off admin fees to pay on your property!

There are many things to do in Southampton so Homelife Lettings have identified some of the most popular to help you start thinking about which area of Southampton you want to live in and to help you settle quicker, especially if you are new to the area.

Free Advice from Professionals About Your Student Let in Southampton

Free Advice from Professionals About Your Student Let in Southampton

As local professionals Homelife Lettings have been renting properties in Southampton for over 40 years, so we know what students are seeking from a property and will help you find the best property for your budget.

There are many things to consider when looking at student lettings. Our student letting guide covers most of the key points you need to think about. It is important that you have a guardian or parent guarantor as you will need one in most instances to secure the property you want, so it makes sense to discuss this with your guarantor as early as possible, so they know what to expect and the idea does not come as a shock to them.

Students letting a property through Homelife Lettings have access to a 24 hour in house maintenance team, which handles routine issues such as a leaking tap during office hours but covers emergencies such as a burst water pipe out of hours.

To give you additional peace of mind we use the government approved to look after your deposit securely, so when you respect the terms and conditions of your tenancy agreement, leaving the property in good repair and clean you will receive your deposit back


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