Why rent with us?

Moving to a new area can be logistically and emotionally difficult for many people. Trying to find the best rental property for your budget in a location you may not be overly familiar with can all add to the stress of such a move.

Expert Customer Service

Using professionals that know the area and provide superb personal service through friendly, experienced staff helps take the stress out of the move.

Even if you know the area trying to find the right residential property may be difficult, if you are working or have other commitments. With over 40 years of experience, and as members of the Southern Landlords Association, Homelife Lettings will match you to the best rental properties for your budget, in the right locations.

If you are renting your first residential property you may be worried about the rental process. We understand, so rest assured Homelife Lettings will help you every step of the way. We will liaise fully with you throughout this whole process and will always be completely honest with you about the residential property you are looking to rent and about your tenancy agreement. We passionately believe in good communication and keeping you informed.

Relax Knowing Your Deposit is Safe

Knowing your deposit will be refunded to you when you move out, either to another rental property or to buy your own place, will be important to you.

Our tenants are protected through the government approved mydeposits.co.uk. This means that tenants who have abided by the terms and conditions of their tenancy agreement and leave the house or flat in good repair, as well as clean, will receive their deposit back promptly when they decide to move on.

If you should have any maintenance issues such as a tile off the roof or a leaky tap we have an in-house maintenance team to help you. They are available during office hours for routine issues and out-of office hours too for emergencies only, such as a burst pipe, so you will not be left looking for a plumber and worrying if you can trust their work!

You will not have to deal with any middle man so if you have any problems or queries please contact the office by phone or email via our contact form. We promise to deal with any matter in a timely fashion, with urgent matters (relating to your health and safety) taking top priority.


For more information regarding why renting with Homelife Lettings is a sensible choice, please contact our friendly team on 023 8058 6838.