Tenant find services

Letting out your property is a fantastic source of extra income – so long as you can find the right tenants. Homelife Lettings has a history of achieving this through its Tenant Find Service.

Finding the Right Tenants for Your Property With a Tenant Find Service

Getting the word out to potential lodgers can be difficult; you have the time-consuming (and potentially expensive) task of finding the right place to advertise your vacancy, and if you don’t get it quite right you just won’t reach the possible tenants that you want to attract. Homelife Lettings will take care of the whole process for you with our Tenant Find Service.

Your rental expectations will be recorded together with all the details of your property and high quality interior and exterior photographs. Homelife Lettings will then market your property using a number of different strategies. This will include your property appearing on our own website, using our social media accounts including Twitter and Facebook to drive traffic to our website and using property search websites such as Zoopla, as well as local print advertisements.

We encourage students and visitors to visit our website regularly and to register their details and we stay in touch with former tenants who may be seeking a new place as well as potential tenants who are actively looking.

What If I Get a Bad Tenant?

With our Tenant Find Service, you won’t have to lose sleep over the prospect of getting a problem-tenant. We’ll screen all potential tenants thoroughly to confirm their personal income, credit status and previous history as a tenant to make sure all tenants are suitable for your property, and only approved tenants will be given the opportunity to rent your property.

Homelife Lettings offer more than just a Tenant Find Service. Our Property Managers will oversee the whole letting process if you wish, giving you total peace of mind. You’re also free to simply assign them certain duties and organise other elements of the rental yourself, so you’ll never feel like the property let is out of your control.

With the above taken care of you will not have to regularly visit your property. Your property manager will also handle the unpleasant side of things, such as evicting tenants who refuse to pay the rental fees, so you won’t have to go through the stress of confronting abusive tenants, should this scenario ever happen to you.


Let us Manage Your Property
For more information about Homelife Lettings and our Tenant Find Service, call our friendly and professional team today on 023 8058 6838.