Reports we provide

Communication is vital for both tenants and landlords, but when it is your property, to give you peace of mind, we supply reports for you so that you know exactly what is happening to your rental property, without the need for you to visit regularly or lose sleep worrying.

Regular Reports for You from Homelife Lettings

Regular reports keep landlords up to date about what is happening with their tenancy, helping the rental progress smoothly and alerting landlords early if there is a problem, such as a missed payment or a complaint from a neighbour.

Homelife Lettings will inspect the property and alert you should any necessary certificates need renewing. We will also provide you with a bespoke report, so if you are concerned about one aspect of your rental we will pay special attention to this and make sure it’s included in our regular report to you.

Reports When You Move Tenants Into or Out of Your Property

When changing tenants it makes sense to carry out an inventory, to assess if there is any damage or work that needs to be done prior to new tenants moving in (and to check the property still meets legal requirements). In the case of furnished or part-furnished properties inventories enable you to know whether all the furniture remains in good condition and any equipment has been left in working order.

A free marketing evaluation and appraisal of your property will be carried out when you select to place your property under the management of Homelife Lettings. This will enable you to ascertain the right price for your property with input from our experienced personnel. Homelife Lettings has over 40 years experience of renting property in the Southampton area so we know how the different areas and roads in the city affect prices and demand.

As members of the Southern Landlords Association we not only adhere to their Code of Conduct to deliver high quality customer service, but make sure we remain up to date with all the latest legislation and information included in tenancy agreements, making sure that our landlords stay updated too.


Let us Manage Your Property
To find out more about which reports we will provide for you please call our experienced team on 023 8058 6838.